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Creative Prototyping x Sustainability 
Since: January 1st, 2024
Trashed tourist poncho in natural reservoir, Mexico, 2019
Weather Underground was founded based on material research conducted during MA project Crafting Plastics! (2015) and on supply chain and bio waste cycles research intensified during during Creative Prototyping x Sustainability Fellowship at UdK (2019). This year, I started consulting new artistic start-up teams in that same program. Some thoughts and facts regarding the next call here.

Preview: September 1st, 2024

Hoodscarf -spring edition- was quickly sold out and due to popular demand the hand knitted accessory is coming back soon, this time with winter yarns made of cashmere respectively mohair. Email for requests: info@weatherunderground.de

Photo: Sophie Bogdan;
Model: Viven La Fleur

Preview: release on May 1st, 2024 
Model: Lesely S. 

October 1st, 2023
In light of inflation and the onset of fall, here is a limited discounted CAPEBAG offer for students and educators.

CAPEBAG at taz Shop

Capebag 2-tone, white top has been listed at taz Shop online - and it is for sale at their store in Friedrichstr. 21 in 10969 Berlin-Kreuzberg.

For Weather Underground, an independent label with locally produced, innovative fashion, it is a great asset to be represented by like-minded institutions, especially when they produce relevant green-left journalism like cooperative taz. So please shop their store and check out their sustainable product selection.

XXXMas Bazaar
of migrating stories

by Arts of the Working Class

Sunday, Dec 11, 2022. Studio 5, also called Tone 5, on the premises of BUFA Oberlandstraße 26-35, 12099 Berlin. 


System Update Available (?) 

by designtransfer

Talks in English with

Vlasta Kubušová, Founder @ crafting plastics! studio
Verena Michels, Founder @ Weather Underground

Both graduated 2015 at UdK Berlin with their collaborative Master thesis Crafting Plastics!. Seven years after their Master presentation at designtransfer, they speak together about their respective professional practices, material design and research approaches. Recently they initiated a representative platform for designers who take a stance against fossil-fuels through design research: Biomaterials in Practice.

Evening Lecture Tuesday, 8 November, 19:00


GEWERK IN THE GARDEN #2 Sustainability

photo: gewerk in the garden No. 2
An exciting evening with interesting presentations and a lively discussion:

Dr. Eva-Maria Heinze examined sustainability from the perspective of practical philosophy. With references to the ethics of Philosophers Schweitzer & Meyer-Abich, she drew on the argument that art and culture can be understood as a further area of application of holistic ethics & that a successful life is composed of ethical and creative components.

Verena Michels, founder at Weather Underground, presented her platform Biomaterials in Practice, initiated together with Vlasta Kubušová (cp! studio): a practice-oriented design exhibition focusing on the implementation of new biomaterials, e.g. from fruit waste, algae or mycelium.

Culture and cultural production have great potential for sustainable developments. It is crucial that we continue to exchange ideas and try to think things in a new way.

Hoodscarf, handknitted in Berlin

Cashmere-cotton accessory, freshly knitted for spring, summer and autumn 2022: a hooded scarf that comes in three colorways: (1) Pistachio (photo), (2) Berlinsky (blue) and (3) Khaki. Available on request and online. Made in Berlin - on request. 

Sorry We are Trying, Exhibition Tourshirt

Freshly printed: white Longsleeve Shirt, 100% organic cotton with silkscreen print, colour: red on white, Limited edition. Made in Slovakia.

Sorry we are trying
Biomaterials in Practice

Exhibition curated by product designer Vlasta Kubušová (cp! studio, Bratislava) and fashion designer Verena Michels (Weather Underground, Berlin) at Bratislava Design Week 2021

Although there is no pre-cooked solution to solve the waste problem or save humanity, we do believe that design research can have an impact to support systemic change. The exhibition Sorry, we are trying. Biomaterials in Practice investigates themes of sustainable action and brings together organic products, ephemeral materials and functional designs exploring possibilities of new biological production and waste cycles... This is a collaborative initiative of the two studios Weather Underground and cp! studo Visit Website

Zuzana Gombošová (Malai, Kerala),
Mogu, Inarzo (VA),
Aurelia Noudelman (Amsterdam),
Elissa Brunato (Radiant Matter, London),
Bananatex / QWSTION (Switzerland),
Eugenia Morpurgo and Sophia Guggenberger (Syntropia, Venice and Vienna),
Youyang Song (Peelsphere, Berlin),
Lukas Wegwerth (Berlin),
Verena Michels (Weather Underground, Berlin),
Vlasta Kubušová and Miro Kral (Crafting Plastics studio, Bratislava)

Tal Erez (design curator),
Galit Gaon (design curator),
Ivana Maleš (circular economy consultant),
Sven Bergmann (cultural anthropologist)

Vlasta Kubušová and Verena Michels

Marlene Stach 

This exhibition has been financially suported using public funds provided by Slovak Arts Council.

UDK 2030 FUTURE DAY- Sustainability for Whom? 

By UDK 2030:
The repetition of sustainability and climate change topics on various panels and exhibitions can lead to either constructive or evasive discussions. The conversation on Panel 1 is an attempt to talk further about these important topics, approaching them from intersectional, critical and practical perspectives.

Participants of table 1: Işıl Eğrikavuk (UdK Berlin), Mandu (Black Earth Collective), Verena Michels (Weather underground Berlin), Andreas Weber (UdK Berlin), Markus Bader (Floating University).

Moderator of the table: Dalís Pacheco

OH Window display & webshop launch

Video clip from various footages created by Marlene Stach
Video footages of the installation at OH Studio during Gallery Weekend 2021: Hundreds of Shiny Windows was a collaborative event together with artist Antonia Breme, who designed the window display for Weather Underground’s webshop launch.

Climate & Culture Weekend on Lobeblock’s rooftop

by Plan A+
Video on right side and popcorn video by Marlene Stach with hangers by Andries de Lange on Lobeblock.

WEATHER UNDERGROUND was invited to participate at Climate and Culture Weekend hosted by Plan A+ on the terraces of Lobe Block in Berlin-Wedding.

Independent thinkers, makers and creators from the fields of design, architecture, art and food showcased and sold their future-proof products.

We have enjoyed interesting questions and conversations about our biodegradable rainwear CAPEBAG and its material and production made in Germany. The bioplastic we choose for our products is based on cornstarch, and so we served them with some Popcorn!

On this occasion, CAPEBAG was shown with an installation by designer Andries de Lange

Almstadtstraße 48-50 10119 Berlin

CAPEBAG now at Pro qm

Keep your books and yourselves dry. Today’s forecast for Berlin Mitte: 20 degrees and rain. Tomorrow, 54% humidity with increasing chance of rain showers until this Friday!

Pleased to announce that now you can get CAPEBAG and our logo repair patches together with your favorite books at @proqm 📚 Capebag is a 100% biodegradable raincape with a tube collar that folds into a bag with handles.

Opening hours: Monday - Saturday 11am - 7pm

Andreas Liehmann and Melissa Canbaz work at Pro qm

Window Display and Webshop Launch

Marc Brandenburg wears CAPEBAG, monochrome black, at OH Studio Window Display Launch We have recently launched our Webshop with a Window Display and a rainy and tropical video projection by Antonia Breme at OH Studio. Currently looking into physical locations and events to sell CAPEBAG on the road. Please contact us for inquiries / send an email to  info@weatherunderground.de
Photography by Max Weise and logo designed by Janina Vöcklinghaus.

Final Weekend OH Studio Pohlstraße 75, 10785 Berlin

Window Display and Webshop Launch

This is the last weekend with the Window display by Antonia Breme for Weather Underground at OH Studio. Please visit us on our main visitors day, this Saturday, May 15 from 2pm-8pm, or alternatively pass by on Sunday, 16 May 2pm-5pm. Thanks to everyone who visited us during the past two weekends!

Friday, 30 April 2021 OH Studio Pohlstraße 75, 10785 Berlin

Window Display and Webshop Launch 

Plant sequence by Antonia Breme

Designer Verena Michels and artist Antonia Breme combine the best of their respective practices: the artist's tactile displays and the designer’s plant-based product CAPEBAG question the boundaries of art and commerce, attraction and transience and challenge the perception of the virtual and the analog. The window sheds light on the importance of window displays in urban space. It is both a framework and an ambassador for the digitalisation (of retail) driven by lockdowns: Weather Underground’s Webshop is announced within this format ...

Antonia Breme is currently researching intersections between art installation and window display within the context of the Creative Prototyping stipend offered by the Universität der Künste Berlin (UDK).

Verena Michels is a member of OH Studio in Pohlstraße. Her design label Weather Underground was presented in the framework of Pop-Hub during Berlin Art Week 2019. She is now launching her webshop.

Opening days during Gallery Weekend 2021:
Friday, 30 April 2021 from 4pm-8pm
Saturday, 1 May from 12pm-8pm
Sunday, 2 May from 12pm-8pm

Opening hours during the weekend of May 8 / May 9:
Saturday, May 15 from 12pm-8pm
Sunday, May 16 from 12-8pm

Opening hours during the weekend of May 15 / May 16: 
Saturday, May 15 from 2pm-8pm
Sunday, May 16 from 2-8pm