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Christian and Lan wear 2-tone CAPEBAG


CAPEBAG is made of plant based plastics. Oversized elegance with a flat tube collar that serves as a hood. This part has handles and folds back into itself to be carried as a plastic bag- without plastics!

CAPEBAG 2-tone black and white is signature look. The middle seam elevates the minimalist garment to a sophisticated second skin over any outfit.

Christian and Lan wear CAPEEBAG, 2-tone
April 2021

Wear it with a friend: there are two versions that complement each other excellently. The motivation behind this product: make a little day-to-day luxury accessible. Manufactured and sourced locally and ethically.

Lan wears black top, white bottom
April 2021

CAPEBAG will be delivered to you in its bag shape. You can shake & unfold it, wear & dry it, fold it back- if you want. Check the folding manuals in our FAQ section!

Folding manual  for 2-tone versions

The workers behind the manufacturing of CAPEBAG have been trained in the packaging sector and this production is a new experience- they enjoy making something fashionable, which could be seen as packaging for people.

Biodegradable stickers function as a repairkit

The round, biobased stickers with organic glue and ink, are normally made for bio food products. They are custom made for CAPEBAG and carry the same compostability certificate as the other material (EN13432). They do a great job as sophisticated Repairkit for CAPEBAG. 

CAPEBAG comes with seams that are welded with ultrasonic technology and therefore waterproof. The biodegradable sheets clearly appear more organic than regular plastics.

“Smells so good! My son plays superhero with CAPEBAG.”

Monika Lovas, designer and exhibition manager, Amsterdam

 CAPEBAG is OneSize and Unisex. It fits Christian (185cm) and Lan (156cm). 

Photographer: Max Weise and models: Christian Alborz Oldham and Xiao Lan.

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Weather Underground makes contemporary, 100% biodegradable rainwear based on plant based plastics. The first edition of CAPEBAG comes in a 2-tone signature look and in monochrome White or Black. We currently sell online,  at pro qm bookstore in Berlin-Mitte and taz shop in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

Man with helmet and woman with blue hair standing there wearing raincape made of plant based plastics. Made in Germany. Black and white.
Christian and Lan wear monochrome CAPEBAG

Christian wears Black, monochrome 
April 2021

Weather Underground products last multiple seasons and protect from wind and rain. Made in Germany, tested in the Netherlands with INNOFEST. Festival visitors have confirmed that the hood is less noisy compared to regulat rain protection.

Lan wears White, monochrome 
April 2021

The material is certified OK Compost! INDUSTRIAL according to EN13432 and OK biodegradable in SOIL. Repairable with compostable, organic stickers. Check FAQ for more information.

“Awesome idea for the festival season”

The product is made for multiple use, can even last for years and then be composted in industrial compost or burried in soil. Please check your local waste separation rules.

Folding manual for White, monochrome and Black, monochrome

CAPEBAG is always OneSize and Unisex. It fits Christian (185cm) and Lan (156cm). 

Credit for styling on this page: BLESS Helmdo, privately owned by model Christian Alborz Oldham. Photo Credit: Max Weise. Logo Credit: Janina Vöcklinghaus. Illustrations by Xiao Lan.