Weather Underground reduces petroleum usage through plant based plastics. Founded by fashion designer Verena Michels during a fellowship for design research and sustainable entrepreneurship in Berlin (2019), CAPEBAG was recently launched in April 2021. This hybrid of raincape and bag is made of regrowing ressources, 100% biodegradable in a certified timeframe and produced with waterproof, ultrasonic seams in Germany. 

It started with an investigation into current challenges and potentials of bioplastic innovation during an interdisciplinary MA course (Crafting Plastics!, 2015). Translating research into meaningful day-to-day applications, a new segment was born: one that opposes Fast Fashion with a concept of eco-conscious vanity, while outpacing Slow Fashion by means of Zeitgeist and functionality. In 2019, a UX test, conducted with Innofest helped taking the prototype to a further level.

Weather Underground promotes a mobile lifestyle with aesthetic, functional and ethical qualities, while tackling pollution caused by countless throwaway ponchos. These massproduced items are dropped in natural reservoires or city streets after short rain showers.

It is proof of concept for a detoxing approach in supply chain management, where compostable sheets from the agricultural sector are transformed into fashionable wearables. Weather Underground is nurtured by innovative collaborations with the local packaging sector and biomaterial suppliers.

The ultimate intention is to supply CAPEBAG to cultural biennals and festivals, to conquer pollution where it happens. Weather Underground is ready to provide a joyful solution to keep visitors dry during postpandemic rainshowers. 

vLog 190: Gut gerüstet - Noch eine neue Baustelle

Sven Trochelmann from Wohlsdorf is farmer and Youtuber at Röpers Hof. He shares the day-to-day challenges of contemporary farming. Thanks for mentioning Weather Underground in your vlog! 

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