Rainwear & packaging made of plant-based plastics 

Departure point:  Mexico

A trip through Mexico during rainy season, 2019: fossil-fuel-based rain ponchos everywhere. Buy one for 2,00 € in front of the jungle in Palenque! (Special offer: get weed for 7 bucks including a free rainponcho). After a 15-minute rain shower, tourists leave single-use ponchos behind in the trees. We have a global problem: throw-away products appear to be the only accessible solution for tourists and travellers with sudden needs.

Bridges of Venice

Weather Underground meets the needs of a mobile lifestyle and makes an attempt to move on from plastic pollution. Functionality goes hand in hand with aesthetic pleasure and a reasonable life span. While producing locally, the products shall be used worldwide. 

Packaging for people

Photo: with Arne Petersen, OH-Studio

Photo: with Arne Petersen, OH-Studio

Photo by Axel Kufus , OH-Studio
Weather Underground´s minimum viable product Cape Bag is a hybrid of fuctional rainwear and silky packaging. Plant-based plastic sheets are transfered from  the agricultural to the fashion sector, serving as protective, wearable monomaterial for capes.

Cape Bag comes with a long collar, shaped like a plastic bag, that unfolds as a hood and again into a bag. The rain cape is made with waterproof  seams: welded with ultrasonic technology in Eastern Germany by a family business with decades of experience in innovating packaging solutions.