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Christian and Lan wear Set of 2 in Black, monochrome and White, monochrome 
April 2021

Weather Underground makes contemporary, 100% biodegradable rainwear based on plant-based plastics. The first edition of CAPEBAG comes in a 2-tone signature look and in monochrome White or Black.

Christian wears Black, monochrome 
April 2021

Weather Underground products last multiple seasons and protect from wind and rain. Made in Germany, tested in the Netherlands with INNOFEST.

Lan wears White, monochrome 
April 2021

The material is certified OK Compost! INDUSTRIAL according to EN13432 and OK biodegradable in SOIL. Repairable with compostable, organic stickers. Check FAQ for more information.

Sven Trochelmann, Youtuber and farmer, Lower Saxony

The product is made for multiple use, can even last for years and then be composted in industrial compost or burried in soil. Please check your local waste separation rules.

Folding manual for White, monochrome and Black, monochrome

CAPEBAG is OneSize and Unisex. It fits Christian (185cm) and Lan (156cm).

monochrome 1 piece 

monochrome 2-Set

Shipping 2-Set in Germany 

Shipping 2-Set in EU 


Order together,
ship less. Check our 2-tone signature look HERE.