Rainwear & packaging made of plant-based plastics 

Weather Underground makes contemporary, compostable rainwear based on plant-based plastics.
Cape-bag comes in a 2-tone signature look and additionally in plain white or plain black. All products
last multiple seasons and protect from wind and rain. Packaging-free because of foldable hood with handles...
Carry Cape bag as a plastic bag with no plastics! Repairable with compostable stickers. Production in 2020.

Made in Germany. Tested with INNOFEST. Material is certified OK Compost! according to EN13432. Go to FAQ. 
You dont need a weatherman, to know which way the wind blows (Bob Dylan)

Photo credits: Torben Becker, Lutz Baumann > Logo designed by Foundly Business > Credit Models: Frederic Klein, Adela Shebeika, Bert Houbrechts, Evelyn Sitter 


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